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Ahmed Othman, born in Cairo in 1982,    
He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture, Helwan University in 2004, and began his professional and artistic career, creating a private label and a unique brand from scratch and established his own company in Paris and then returned to Cairo, to complete his architectural and artistic works, where he not only shortened his work in architecture, but And he went on to write novels and write the script, where he issued six fiction works, other than a paper series and a movie, unlike the dramas signed for the show. Every house, famous for saying, "We design your story.” To continue his designs that speak for themselves, translating the spirit of his clients into a visual and tangible story that reflects the story of each of them. As we mentioned, he is a creative writer whose works have been translated into English and French, and Ahmed Othman continues with his professional team to continue his distinguished journey to form an independent school with a different and successful team.

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